soundfront is the company name of freelancing sound designer/engineer Titus Maderlechner.

for tight schedules, overlapping projects or additional skills I have access to a network of very talented specialists like composers, technicians or other sound designers.

my skills

I work in many different fields of sound work: recording, mixing, editing and sound design for film, video and art installations.

If the project requires I'm happy to bring in other skills and put my hands on composing, programming or designing and soldering some electronic circuits...

how do I work

every project has it's own challenges

the usual suspects are:

claim vs. budget vs. time

on (most) recent projects I found a balance that made the project turn out very well

my studio

many projects were partly or entirely produced in my own studio.

there is one control room with 5.1.4 Atmos monitoring for film and music projects and a separate 8-channel ambisonic loudspeaker array to simulate n-channel type loudspeaker configurations for projects that will be installed in other venues.

a recording room were high quality microphones (Neumann, Gefell, Sennheiser) feed either modern Metric Halo or vintage Neumann mic pres. (or even more vintage with a Nagra III - the equipment list can be found here

“I was in George Martin’s studio in Amsterdam and he was telling me, ‘They come in here and it takes them three days to do a bass line.’ Well I’m not from that era.”
Ringo Starr

what I can't do in my own studio I will do somewhere else...

Filmorchester Babelsberg - recording session for Instrument Of Troubled Dreams
“Wenn der Berg nicht zum Propheten kommt, dann muss der Prophet zum Berg gehen”

...sometimes directly at the location were the installation will be presented

Documenta (13) 2012 - recording, mixing, editing of Forest - For A Thousand Years